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I embrace technology. Because it can make our lives and work easier, safer and more efficient. The pace of technological development will continue to accelerate. This means change is accelerating. 'Big eats small' has turned into 'fast eats slow'. To stay ahead you need to open up to accelerating technological development. ALWAYS BE LEARNING and start using NEW TOOLS and TECHNOLOGIES.

Backstage Silicon Valley talk

This talk leaves you amazed and energized. We discuss why technological development is accelerating, what is changing, and what this means for society, individuals and businesses. Start to understand your future.

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Internet of Things talk

A talk on the subject that occupies most of my time these days. Internet of things (IoT) is truly a buzzword. Smart city, smart grid, smart everything. But what is IoT, what can it do, and how can we take it from high level concepts to practical use cases. For anyone interested in evidence based management.

Digital Transformation

A 2 day bootcamp to re-think your business in the digital era. After exploring the possibilities offered by technological advancement, we re-think your vision for the next 3 years, and use various techniques to come up with customized actionable plans.

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Exponential Organizations (ExO)

Want to move your organization 2 years forward in 10 weeks? As a certified ExO consultant I can help you discover and use new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies. ExO Works boasts a world wide group of experts, collaborators and coaches


My name is Jorus Everaerd. I embrace the future. I am intrigued by the acceleration of technological development and its increasing impact our lives and work. I have studied at Singularity university in Silicon Valley where I learned what fields are benefitting from accelerating technological development, and what this means for our future. I now share my ideas of what our future will look like, and what this means for society, individuals and businesses. I do this by giving talks, facilitating brainstorms and by leading the Digital Transformation Bootcamp.  I love input and learning, so I am always open to new ideas, suggestions and requests. check my linkedIn




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  • " Op een natuurlijke en inspirerende wijze heeft Jorus ons meegenomen in de technologische ontwikkelingen die verder zijn dan een ieder al denkt. Sterker nog. Veel van de technology is aanwezig, maar zijn we ons nog niet van bewust. Wat dat betreft een mooie wake-up call, waarbij de toehoorders zich na afloop veel bewuster waren van wat dit voor ons gaat betekenen, maar ook waarom, zodat we met onze plannen naar het beste facilitair bedrijf hierop kunnen inspelen. How to use it. "

    Johan Jonker, Klantmanager Facilitair bedrijf Isala

    • " Jorus helped us to develop digital business ideas. He is an original thinker, who can put theory to practice. His knowledge of the digital world means that he is quick to come up with ideas and examples to help us connect the dots. "

      Tom van de Vliet, owner, BlauwVliet Vastgoedadvies B.V.
    • " Jorus gave an impressive presentation about the implications of technology on our future. The mentioned ‘power of the crowd’ really stuck to me and helped me to look in a different way to my business. Jorus himself is social, always eager and ready to give you some help or advice.  "

      Patrick Stastra, work smarter | study smarter | (online) social media pro
    • " Jorus adviced me and my business partner on how to embrace technology in our businessmodel. Jorus proved well prepared (on short notice) and very committed, which meant that he was well up to speed on current models/ developments in the field we work in. Also, Jorus has a good strategic helicopter view ( how to apply new technological possibilities) combined with specific actual examples. Jorus’ advice led to several changes in our product and new insights on how to further research our customer market. Thanks for your contribution.  "

      Simon Timmerman, Project Manager
    • " Jorus helped Jobtraining re-think our strategy in the fast changing world around us. In his Digital Transformation Bootcamp we were shown the opportunities available to our organization on the intersection of accelerating technological development and what people need.

      Jorus is an intelligent, quick thinker who is able to get his knowledge across, while making it very practical. His down to earth approach and humor make this bootcamp not only inspring and practical, but also a lot of fun. I would recommend this bootcamp to anybody interested in digital transformation and innovation. "

      Brigitta Lops, Managing Partner at Jobtraining
    • " Jorus spoke at our annual team day. His presentation was a big hit. He got us really into thinking and discussing because he looks over the horizon of the next few years and speaks about technological developments that can really transform parts of society. His presentation is also provocative in a nice way, as he does not only present the future benefits of technology, but also encourages to see the flipside of the coin: uncertainty, moral dillemas disturbance. "

      Steven Halbertsma, Manager Logistic Strategy at PostNL
    • " Jorus is a ‘one of a kind’. We believe we are innovative in marketing, strategy and IT, but Jorus brings in a whole new perspective on innovation and growth. This new level of business is neccessary in the current new economy and IT revolution. As no other Jorus knows the comparison and challenges of the normal business compare to the future possibilities.

      With Jorus input and sessions we have not only choosen a new direction but we also have confidence in this direction. "

      Dirk Tuip, Owner at FacilityApps.nl
    • " Jorus brought a compelling story of emerging change to a group of experienced Banking professionals. His engaging energy helped everyone be alive to the speed and nature of innovation and how it affects all areas of our lives. His presentation prompted thoughtful conversations. "

      Ian McMonagle, owner at IanMcMonagle Partnership



    Please feel free to contact us, whether it’s about a talk, digital transformation bootcamp, or just something that you would like to share.


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